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Commander's Action Line 14-010: Unsafe Driving

Subject: Observed Unsafe Driving at the Commissary/Exchange

Concern: I spent eight years of my career stationed on United State Air Force Bases in senior leadership positions and have always consider personnel safety foremost on my agenda, as I am sure you do as well.

With that being said, I respectfully request that you address the potentially dangerous driving behaviors at the Commissary/Exchange parking complex. It appears to me that driving speeds are subjective; I do not believe that speed limits are posted, and traffic paths are merely a means of choice. I ride a motorcycle to the complex and on a couple of occasions I have received a pretty substantial scare. I attempted numerous efforts, in accordance with your "Action Line" request to "please give the appropriate agencies a chance to work out the problem," and to no avail.

During this time of year, there is a significant increase of traffic in this area and possibly posting a Security Forces presence may transmit the message out to these driving behaviors. I do not believe that "ticket writing" is the solution, but a reminder to drivers about safety at Buckley AFB may just be enough to resolve this challenge. Thank You.

Response: Thank you for your note on traffic problems around the commissary and Base Exchange.  Our 460 SFS has responded to 12 motor vehicle accidents this past year in that area of BAFB and that is too many -- we must minimize the chance for mishaps.  I've discussed this with 460 MSG and we will post additional speed limit and pedestrian crossing signs along with increasing the security patrols and SFS presence in the BX/Commissary complex.  These and other measures will hopefully minimize the chances of careless driving on BAFB and increase safety for everyone--especially in that congested area.  Thanks for helping us build a better and safer Buckley AFB!