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Base Fitness / Racquetball Concern

The retirees who play racquetball three to four nights a week, Monday through Thursday, were recently informed by the director of the fitness center that soon two of the four courts will be permanently lost.

One of the courts is to become a child center and the second for cross fit training. This would then restrict our ability to play dramatically, particularly during the colder months.

We would respectfully request that other considerations be made to accommodate the conflicting requirements without causing us to lose one-half of the courts we currently utilize and enjoy.

Thank you.


Thank you for your feedback and interest in our base fitness facilities.  We've got a great fitness center team, and we have significant interest in standing up both high-intensity workout areas similar to those that are being implemented across the Department of Defense, as well as a parent workout area.  Three racquetball courts will continue to be preserved for our customers while one of these areas is converted to high intensity fitness.  You will see the parent workout area implemented soon.  Thanks again and see you at the gym!