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computer network defense and the ccri

Who: All personnel are required to familiarize themselves with this website, their specific responsibilities in the security of our network and their role in the Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI).

What: Command Cyber Readiness Inspections are administered by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).
CCRI scores determine a DoD site’s authority to operate the network. Although the majority of the inspection is the 460th Space Communications Squadron’s responsibility, all users are required to ensure physical security, conduct and culture items found below are adhered with all the time.

When: Continual threats to the network create the need for no-notice inspections. A vigilant culture of all users internalizing computer defense policies is absolutely necessary to protect ourselves from adversaries.

Where: All Buckley SFB personnel are inspectable and responsible for the security of our networks.

Why: Network security directly secures the missile warning and surveillance mission that defends ourselves and families from the adversaries and threats of our country.

nipr workstation example

460th Space Wing Stategic Intent 

Shredder/printer example

460th Space Wing Stategic Intent 

SIPR mixed enviro example

460th Space Wing Stategic Intent 

Safe end of day checklist

460th Space Wing Stategic Intent 



100% physical control of Common Access Card (CAC), SIPR Token, Restricted Area Badges and all other ID cards.

Cyber Awareness Challenge Training found on ADLS is current for all users.

Mandatory uptime of all SIPRNet computers every Tuesday to ensure all patches and security updates are received.

All appropriate stickers/markings on communication assets (Computers, DSN phones, Gov issued iPhones, authorized flash/hard drives, CD/DVD/disks, printers, fax machines, scanners and monitors if in mixed environments).

Buckley SFB Incident Response and Bomb Threat cards near all phones.

Privacy Act Cover Sheets on all Personally Identifiable Information to include the printing area of all printers.

Only NSA/CSS EPL authorized shredders are used with the following documents secured to the shredder:
- 460th SW 100% Shred Policy Document.
- This shredder is authorized for the destruction of classified information.
- NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List (EPL). Highlighted the specific model of shredder within this document

Note: Shredding of paper in a CD shredder is prohibited vice versa unless shredder is authorized for both on NSA CSS EPL

All documents required are secured in a GSA approved container safe, vault, or secure room. Paperwork to operate GSA approved container is up to date and compliant.

End of Day Checklists are performed where classified information is processed

20 inch separation between all UNCLASSIFIED (NIPRNet) and SECRET (SIPRNet) computers is present.

2 inches of separation between all UNCLASSIFIED (NIPRNet) and SECRET (SIPRNet) Ethernet, wires and power cords.

All documentation can be found at the link below. All stickers can be obtained by calling 460 SCS CFP @847-5221

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