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Privately Owned Firearms

Team Buckley, here is an important reminder.

At NO time may Privately Owned Firearms (POF) be loaded when kept in Buckley Family Housing, they must be handled with extreme care and always treated as if they are loaded.

POFs must be registered before being stored in privatized family housing and residents must comply with any weapons restrictions listed in their lease. If you would like to store your POFs in privatized housing, it is your responsibility to obtain the required paper work from the Police Services Division, 460th Security Forces Squadron (building 1028, room 217).

You will be provided with all necessary paperwork to complete POF registration. The owner of will have three (3) duty days to return ALL completed forms signed by his/her Commander to Police Services. At a minimum, registration will consist of the owner's name and contact information; record of firearm manufacturer, model, serial number, and caliber/gauge; and location of where the firearm will be stored.

Additionally, unit commanders will ensure each person registering a POF for storage on the installation signs a DD Form 2760, Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition, acknowledging they DO NOT have a qualifying conviction under the Lautenberg Amendment.

If you are in need of temporary storage prior to the completion of registration, POFs may be stored in the 460 SFS Armory. For any questions, please contact 460 SFS Police Services at DSN 847-9306/9382.