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Buckley Phone Directory

Important Numbers

The Defense Switch Network, or DSN, for Buckley is 847.

SNOW LINE - 720-847-7669

Emergency: 911, 720-847-1911 or 720-847-9930     
Security Forces: 720-847-9250                  
AFOSI: 720-847-6624
On-call Chaplain: 720-847-4600
Crime Stop: 720-847-7770


Airman & Family Readiness: 720-847-6681
American Red Cross, CO/WY: 719-632-3563
American Red Cross Hero Care Network: 877-272-7337
Flight Medicine: 720-847-9355
Buckley Clinic :720-847-9355
Inspector General:720-847-9175

Inspector General Complaints / FWA Hotline:  720-847-1084


Phone Directory

AAFES (The Exchange)  720-859-9628  Household Goods  720-847-6685 
AAFES (Barber Shop)  720-859-0933  Housing Referral Office  720-847-5815 
Airman & Family Readiness Center  720-847-6681  ID Card Section  720-847-4357
Airman's Attic  720-847-7227  Information, Tickets & Travel (ITT)  720-847-6853 
Alterations  720-859-0621  Installation Voting Officer  720-847-9891 
Area Defense Council  720-847-6967  Laundry Dry Cleaning  303-564-1655
Army Family Support (743rd MI BN)  303-344-5286  Law Enforcement Desk  720-847-9930 
Buckley Chapel  720-847-4631  Legal Services  720-847-6444 
Buckley Against Drunk Driving  720-847-7433  Medical Care Services  720-847-WELL (9355) 
Billeting/Lodging  720-847-5899  Military Equal Opportunity  720-847-6140 
Child Development Center (A-Basin)  720-847-7215  Military Personnel Flight  720-847-HELP (4357) 
Child Development Center (Crested Butte)  720-847-6174  Noise Complaints (COANG)  720-847-6164 
Civilian Personnel Office  720-847-6191  Official Mail Center  720-847-9710 
Community Base Support  720-847-6881  Outdoor Recreation  720-847-6100 
Commissary  720-847-7100  Optical Store  303-366-1124 
Contracting Office  720-847-6900  Optometry  303-366-1285
Community Center  720-847-7197  Pass and Vehicle Registration  720-847-9381 
Dental Clinic  720-847-4118  Phone Directory  720-847-9011 
Dominos  303-367-3008  Public Affairs  720-847-9431 
Education Office  720-847-6675  Public Affairs Photography  720-847-9226 
Enterprise  303-344-4333  SARC Administrator  720-847-9858 
Equal Employment Office  720-847-6140  SARC Officer  720-847-9414 
Family Advocacy  720-847-6453  Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)  720-847-SARC (7272) 
Finance  720-847-6416  Snow Line  720-847-7669 
Kwik Kar 303-360-0234  TRICARE Service Center  720-847-9355 
Fitness Center  720-847-6679  US Patriots 303-353-1966
Health and Wellness Center  720-847-5699  Veterans Affairs Office (On-base)  720-847-4VET (4838) 
Honor Guard  720-847-6668  Wireless Kiosk  303-364-9707 


Do not discuss classified information on unsecure telephones. Official Department of Defense telephones are subject to monitoring for communications security purposes at all times and are provided for the transmission of official government information only. Use of official DoD telephones constitutes consent to communications security telephone monitoring.


You can reach the base via Interstate 225, Exit 9 for 6th Avenue/CO-30. Go east on 6th Avenue. You'll arrive at Buckley on the right after 2.8 miles.

If you are searching for directions via online map sites or GPS, use the address "18500 East Sixth Avenue, Aurora, CO, 80011" for the 6th Ave Gate.

If you are searching for the Mississippi Gate, and using Apple Maps, use "S. Vail St. and E. Mississippi Ave." For other apps, use "E. Mississippi Ave. and Aspen St."