ODR provides essentials for outdoor adventure

  • Published
  • By Airman Jacob Deatherage
  • 460th Space Wing Public Affairs
Those lucky enough to be stationed in Colorado understand the endless outdoor opportunities the beautiful state has to offer.

Escaping to the outdoors can be beneficial to your physical and mental health, however, it can be difficult to be fully prepared for the journey. Whether it’s getting the proper equipment or seeking the right location for adventure, the outdoor recreation on Buckley Air Force Base is the ticket to a safe and affordable outing for Airmen and families.

“The outdoor rec is a way for the Buckley community to have easier access to the outdoors and the mountains,” said William Link III, ODR adventure programmer. “We help provide equipment, guides and discount tickets. Really, we’re just a gateway to a healthier and better lifestyle.”

Buckley ODR offers equipment for sporting goods, camping, home and garden, parties and just about any outdoor activity out there.

Other deals that Airmen may not know about are discounted tickets for ski lifts, local sporting events, aquariums and even theme parks.

As the adventure programmer, Link is responsible for planning and carrying out the guided trips the ODR offers.

“A lot of people don’t realize how heavily discounted the trips are that we offer,” said Link. “We have $200 trips for $50.”

ODR tries to offer a variety of trips for Airmen and families so they can meet all of the outlets they may want.

“We have trips that cater to single Airmen who live in the dorms so they can get out and meet new people,” said Link. “We also have trips for families, and trips for service members returning from deployments that are designed to give them a healthy dose of adrenaline, such as backcountry skiing and snowmobiling.”

Regardless of the situation, ODR works to assist the entire Buckley community. During the warmer months, for example, ODR hosts camping, fishing and mountain biking trips. During the winter, they host trips for most cold-weather activities, with upcoming events such as skiing at Winter Park and a three-night, five-mile tour in the backcountry of Copper Mountain, spending a night at a 10th Mountain Division Hut.

“Everyone wants to get out,” said Dakota Hitt, ODR information tickets and travel assistant. “We provide a cheaper method of recreating and de-stressing. Everybody needs to get out and enjoy a sense of relaxation, whether it’s extreme like snowmobiling or something subtle like a pub tour.”

Colorado offers an abundance of activities for people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles, and ODR provides the Buckley community with the tools they need. Not only is ODR a convenient escape to relaxation, but an access to a more fruitful life.

“In order to be at your best, you can’t have personal distractions,” said Link. “You need a healthy lifestyle outside of work, and with that quality of life you’re more driven and it’s easier to do what’s necessary when you’re on duty. A healthy home life spills over to your work life. It increases morale and keeps service members ready.”