Buckley shows its power in Energy Action Month

  • Published
  • 460th Space Wing

When the federal government looked to create an initiative to reduce the consumption of energy, they set their sights on October dubbing it “Energy Action Month.” Whether it’s gas or electricity, Buckley Air Force Base consumes it efficiently.

“Buckley is very energy efficient,” said Jonathan Gard, 460th Civil Engineer Squadron infrastructure superintendent. “We are always going with the most energy efficient systems as they come.”

In terms of gas efficiency, Buckley AFB is efficient in that department. Only two buildings on base have the older boiler system which is rated at 80 to 82 percent efficiency. All other buildings are said to have the new boiler system rated at 92 to 99 percent efficiency.

“The boiler systems are working for us very well,” said Mike Liesveld, 460th Civil Engineer Squadron utility engineer. “We took $4,700 off Buckley’s gas bill just this month.”

Recently, the 460th CES installed an Air to Water Condenser in one of Buckley AFB’s server rooms. As winter approaches, the condenser will take the cold air outside and cool the servers rather than utilizing another source of energy. Systems such as these directly impact the installation’s mission and its capabilities in a positive manner.

On the electrical side of the house, Buckley AFB is just as prepared. Currently the base’s main goal is to be electrically efficient. In order to do this all lights on base need to be converted into LED’s.

The 460th CES has already installed the LED’s in nearly all streetlights, meeting rooms and the base gates. Along with LED’s, solar systems on base are making a return of $15,000 to $20,000 in saved electricity while using cleaner and less pollutant energy.

Energy Action Month highlights the importance of consuming energy effectively, but Buckley AFB makes it’s goal year round.