Thriving Thursdays brings alternative health avenues

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Andrew Garavito
  • 460th Space Wing Public Affairs


Good physical health and good mental health are often intertwined, but these are only two of the four pillars of health. Thriving Thursday is a workshop for highlighting and recharging the four pillars of health: mental, physical, spiritual and social.


“We are constantly looking for new ways to build our resilience with the four pillars of health,” said Christina Grooms, 460th Space Wing community support coordinator.  “This is a new program that allows us to improve in those areas.”


Team Buckley partnered with community agencies to coordinate a series of workshops scheduled every Thursday. These workshops are open to all members of Buckley Air Force Base, Colo., and attendees won't need to pay as the workshops are all free.


A few of the classes offered include: expressive writing, comeback yoga, healing warriors, mind training, eating for energy, art therapy and tai-chi. These workshops are proven to promote mental, spiritual, physical and social health. 


Healing warriors is the only course limited to veterans and spouses. This class provides massages to relieve built-up pressure in the central nervous system. Benefits of the therapy include promoting sleep, the management of physical pain, as well as symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. 


Comeback yoga is scheduled at 5 p.m. every Thursday, at the Chapel in the Fellowship Hall. The instructors are specially trained to help military members with a focus on trauma-conscious language.


“Sometimes people are looking for those other alternatives, if the conventional way isn’t helping them, so I'm glad that we have this resource that we can introduce to the base populace,” said Alan Muriera, 460th Medical Group health promotion manager.


These workshops are a new and different way for health alternatives. To get more information about the events, please check out the Buckley AFB Facebook page.


**DISCLAIMER** Buckley AFB does not advocate for alternative health. If you require immediate healthcare, please contact your nearest hospital.