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Buckley AFB officials raised the base’s Health Protection Condition level to Charlie from Bravo in response to the spread of COVID-19 in the state of Colorado.

The HPCON Charlie declaration defines base measures for a substantial disease threat and ensures Team Buckley is using the proper protocols and processes to prevent transmission. 

Social distancing whenever possible will greatly aid in reducing the spread of this virus and limit the risk of exposure to personnel with the following measures already in effect:

  • If you or a member of your household is sick, stay home and discuss your situation with your supervisor or commander;

  • To reduce contact exposure, avoid handshaking and practice good hygiene (hand washing for 20 seconds, using hand sanitizer, etc.);

  • Practice social distancing; staying 3-6 feet away from each other and not participating in groups larger than 10 people;

  • Common Access Cards and base access identification will be visually inspected or scanned at a distance unless absolutely required for security/privacy;

  • Reduce time in common use areas. If required to be in an area, wipe down and sanitize the area upon arrival and prior to leaving;

  • Cancel non-mission essential meetings, if possible, use teleconferencing.

  • The 460th Medical Group is increasing virtual visits and screenings at the door.

A current list of what services, events and facilities have been impacted by COVID-19 can be accessed via the Cancelled Events tab at www.buckley.af.mil/COVID-19.

Leaders of the 460th Space Wing continue to engage with their Total Force partners to monitor those who are at a higher risk given recent travel or exposure history, and they are taking the appropriate actions as necessary. 

Team Buckley is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Tri-County Public Health Department and local community leaders on the COVID-19 situation. 

Please continue to monitor these websites for the most up-to-date information: