DEL 4 CC commissions into USSF

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jazmin Smith
  • Buckley Garrison Public Affairs

Surrounded by his loved ones and esteemed leaders, Col. Richard Bourquin, Space Delta 4 commander, commissioned into the U.S. Space Force on Jan. 5, 2021.

“As the first commander of Space Delta 4, I’m very happy to be joining so many of the Guardians already serving in U.S. Space Force within the Delta,” said Bourquin. “Though we rely heavily on both Guardians and Airmen for mission success in Space Delta 4, I’ve been a part of space operations for almost 25 years, and my place is within the service that is singularly focused on space.

This change evoked a heartfelt appreciation for the Air Force journey Bourquin has been a part of for so long.

“It’s tough to leave the Air Force, which has been a proud part of me for so much of my life, but I’m excited to finally be a part of this new effort to focus on assuring space combat capabilities for our nation,” added Bourquin.

Bourquin emphasized the significance of a unique service dedicated to space operations. As the largest Delta in USSF, DEL 4 is responsible for operating ground and space-based sensors at eleven locations worldwide. The sensors provide critical strategic and theater missile warning to the United States and our international partners.

Bourquin said those under his command are a vital component to national security. They provide and support space domain awareness, battlespace awareness, missile defense, and technical intelligence.

“Space warfighting capabilities are an integral part of the overall joint capabilities provided by the Department of Defense in all domains to protect and defend the United States and our international partners,” said Bourquin.

Serving alongside Bourquin as a fellow Guardian is Chief Master Sgt. Willie Frazier, DEL 4 senior enlisted leader, reflected on this significant occasion.

“The addition of Col. Bourquin to our ranks is a welcome and momentous occasion,” remarked Frazier. “This historic milestone of our first commander transitioning to the Space Force provides a level of visibility among the Guardians, Airmen, and mission partners of Space Delta 4 that will further demonstrate the commitment of our leadership team and reflects our values as we move into year two of Space Force operations.

“This is a great segue as we prepare to welcome the second wave of Airmen transitioning to USSF in the coming months,” added Frazier. “I am excited to see him transition to blue nametapes.”


Donning his new uniform top with midnight blue stitching and the words “U.S. Space Force” written across his heart, Bourquin reconfirmed his dedication to the Guardians and Airmen of DEL 4.  


“The decision to leave the Air Force and join the Space Force wasn’t easy, and I don’t take this transition lightly,” said Bourquin. “Ultimately, the opportunity to lead an incredible team of Guardians and Airmen in such an important mission made me realize that transitioning to USSF was the right decision. I’m proud to join the ranks of Guardians already in USSF who are writing the history of United States space operations every day.”


Having commanded DEL 4 for nearly half a year prior to commissioning into the USSF, Bourquin has witnessed firsthand the magnitude of skill from those he leads.


“I’m amazed every day at the talent and initiative shown by our Guardians and Airmen keeping our nation and our international partners safe from the threat of missile attack,” said Bourquin. “I am blessed to have the privilege of commanding this team.”