Putting New Heavy Rescue to the Test

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Danielle McBride
  • Buckley Garrison Public Affairs

Firefighters from the 460th Civil Engineer Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, are getting a much needed upgrade.

They received a new Heavy Rescue truck and soon will have a Heavy Hazardous Materials Response vehicle on the way.

Fire Lt. Isaiah C. Draper, a firefighter from the 460th CES, redesigned the new truck to make their assigned rescue equipment easily accessible once the firefighters arrive on scene. The tools were firmly secured and can be easily pulled out without hurting their backs or injuring other areas of their body. They also have the ability to travel through rough terrain and are able to illuminate the scene in incidents that require specialized lighting to operate safely.

“The truck is now able to respond with the necessary tools needed at various types of Technical Rescue Incidents,” said Draper. “Incidents such as rope rescue and confined space, along with unique incidents that involve a myriad of different specialized stabilization and extraction tools for an auto and machinery extraction.”

Team Buckley's firefighters put this new Heavy Rescue truck to the test during an auto extraction exercise on Feb. 24, 2021. This exercise consisted of a pileup of three cars with two rescue mannequins needing to be saved in a timely manner. The team successfully extinguished the fires and safely rescued the mannequins thanks to their expertise and the new Heavy Rescue.

The firefighters conducted this exercise in order to evaluate their ability to execute a successful extraction while simultaneously testing out the new truck. During the exercise, the Sable Altura Fire Rescue came out and assisted the firefighters with the extraction.

“Our relationship with Buckley’s firefighters is one that cannot be replaced,” said Fire Lt. Chris Gay, the training cordinator with the Sable Altura Fire rescue. “It is a very unique environment that we have, and we even tackle the same calls together. Our partnership is a very valued asset to both of our departments.”

Buckley's firefighters plan to conduct a series of monthly exercises where the training section will test everyone's different proficiency skills. They have also made it a goal to invite mutual-aid partners to come out and train with them to build upon our relationship with the community.