USecAF visits Buckley SFB

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  • By Buckley Garrison Public Affairs
  • Buckley Garrison Public Affairs

The Honorable Gina Ortiz Jones, Under Secretary of the Air Force, experienced firsthand how Space Delta 4 and the Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado at Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado remains mission-ready during her visit to the installation April 4, 2022.

During her time on Buckley SFB, Jones also met with the base’s outstanding performers and saw how members of Buckley SFB work together seamlessly as an integrated total force war-fighting team.

“If you look at some of the actions that Russia and China have taken over the last couple of months, it really shows how important it is that we have as much awareness and understand where threats may be emanating from and how we can best respond in the interest of our security as well as that of our partners and our allies,” said Jones.

“When we think about who is going to provide the most in that fight, a lot of that is going to come from the Department of the Air Force and a lot of that is going to be because of what Space Force provides, so there is a natural and a very important connection between the two when we think about our pacing challenge,” added Jones. “Secretary Kendall and I are focused on everything from the capabilities that we invest in, to our relationship with our partners and allies.”

Jones also received the latest updates on Space Delta 4's mission operations and how its space- based and ground-based sensors provide unparalleled data used to provide space domain awareness, battlespace awareness, technical intelligence, and tipping and cueing for missile defense.

“I just spent time with the folks on the SBIRS [operations] floor as well as with some of our Guardians, Airmen and civilians assigned to the ADF-C. Much of the most critical and sensitive analysis is taking place right here at Buckley and is being looked at by our Airmen and our Guardians.”

Buckley SFB, the home of DEL 4, plays a vital role in providing strategic and theater missile warning. Their unique mission, situated among Joint and TFI partners at Buckley SFB, ensures the safety and defense of the United States and allied forces both at home and abroad.

“Space Delta 4 was honored to host the Under Secretary of the Air Force,” said Lt. Col. Brandon Alford, DEL 4 deputy commander. “The Guardians and Airmen of Space Delta 4 had an amazing opportunity to interact, share their personal experiences, and showcase the mission. We are very proud of this team and grateful for the time and genuine interest of Under Secretary Jones.”

As one of eight mission deltas working congruently under the U.S. Space Force, DEL 4 is shaping the strategic environment all while confronting the United States’ strategic competitors of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

“The Space Force is responsible for defending, protecting and operating the satellites,” stated Jones. “Space is decisive, not only for military operations but also for economics and security, and so I'm so proud of what the Space Force and our Guardians have done in a very short amount of time.”