Team Buckley - Community Risk Reduction Program

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Colorado is no stranger to the risk of wildland, grass, and vegetation fires. The risk of fire is high on Buckley Space Force Base and other areas in the Denver Metro area. It’s true that the wildfire season is longer than it used to be, it’s considered year-round in Colorado. As Team Buckley, we must all work together to help protect Buckley Space Force Base.  Buckley Fire is always here to respond to emergency, but if we do our part to prepare, we can prevent many disasters from happening. Due to the geographic location of Buckley Space Force Base, we work with our community partners at the City of Aurora to identify the community burn restrictions (currently Stage 1 burn restriction). Please visit the Buckley Fire Emergency Services Fire Prevention link to help find all the necessary information for our Community Risk Reduction program.


Explanation of Fire Restrictions


Stage I

The first stage occurs when there is an increasing fire danger and/or an increasing preparedness level, and the risks of keeping the forest open to all activities begins to be outweighed by the risks inherent in doing so. Stage I imposes relatively minor restrictions aimed at preventing the start of wildfires based on human activities that are known to be high risk, specifically smoking and campfires.

Stage II

As the risks increase, the line officer may choose to move to Stage II. This stage intensifies the restrictions from Stage I by focusing on activities that, although normally managed under permit or contract, have a relatively high risk of causing a fire start.

Stage III

Stage III is closure. This stage is selected when there are very high risks and the ability to manage those risks using Stage I or II restrictions is no longer viable. The social, economic, and political impacts of implementing a closure at this point are outweighed by the benefits associated with virtually eliminating the potential for human-caused fire starts.