AFA Warfare Symposium: Where Imperatives Become Operational

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Haley N. Blevins and Airman 1st Class Madelyn Yepez
  • Buckley Space Force Base Public Affairs


The Air Force Association Warfare Symposium is being held for the first time in Aurora, Colorado, just minutes from Buckley Space Force Base. The Mile High Chapter hosted leaders from BSFB to participate in a panel during the Warfare Symposium here, March 6, 2023. 

The panel, titled Buckley SFB: Where Imperatives Become Operational, educated AFA attendees on the missions at Buckley, and challenges and opportunities in the Air Force and Space Force. 

Commanders from Space Base Delta 2, Space Delta 4, Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado, and the 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard provided insight to the ongoing missions performed from BSFB in support of national and state objectives, commensurate with the Secretary of the Air Force Operational Imperatives, as well as some of the challenges these units face daily. 

“Space is one the harshest and most challenging environments we operate in,” said Col. Marcus Jackson, SBD 2 commander. “Developing and integrating an evolving strategic posture of space will help to deter international competitors from weaponizing potential threats against the U.S. and our allies’ interests in space.”

Some of the high level Air Force and Space Force topics that were discussed include:


  • achieving operationally optimized advanced battle management systems

  • achieving moving target engagement at scale in a challenging operational environment

  • defining optimized resilient basing, sustainment, and communications in a contested environment

  • readiness of the Department of the Air Force to transition to a wartime posture against a peer competitor.  

  • Space Force continues to invest in Guardian’s ability to operate, maintain, and sustain space operations through realistic simulations and trainings 

SBD 2’s mission is to provide mission enabling support and infrastructure to our Airmen, Guardians, joint service members, and international partners here at Buckley SFB.

“Our Airmen and Guardians in SBD 2 support our Del 4 operators so that we can be ready to defend against any adversaries,” said Jackson. 

Del 4 is the largest Delta in the Space Force. It was established to consolidate Ground Base and Space Based missile warning sensors, enabling unity of command and unity of effort of Missile Warning assets. Delta 4 is organized to win as one warfighting organization consisting of nine direct reporting squadrons. These squadrons oversee the Overhead Persistent Infrared and Ground Based Radomes missions. The Delta consists of over 1,200 airmen, guardians, allies, civilians, contractors, and total force partners at 11 locations worldwide.

“For Del 4, we partner to win so that the Space Force can collaborate with mission partners to accomplish our critical set of roles and functions,” remarked Col. Miguel Cruz, Space Delta 4 commander. “Operational concepts and tactics must be continuously developed, assessed, and enhanced through a service-wide campaign of learning, led by the units entrusted with our systems.” 

In addition to the mission sets at SBD 2 and Del 4, the 140 WG, operates three unique missions including an F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter mission, an electronic warfare mission, and the Department of Defense’s only survivable mobile missile warning set.

“Domestic operations are a huge part of our portfolio. We work with natural disasters from fires and floods, but our top priority is homeland defense,” said Col. Christopher Southard, 140 WG, Colorado Air National Guard commander. “We have airmen on shift 24/7… we are honored to be integrated in your community.” 

The ADF-C commander joined our Buckley leaders on the panel to discuss the critical mission the facility contributes to national security. The ADF-C is a multi-mission ground station responsible for supporting worldwide defense operations and multi-agency collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination of intelligence information. It provides data to defense, intelligence, and civil agencies supporting the U.S. government and its allies. 

“A critical part of our mission is partnership,” remarked Col. Robert Schreiner, ADF-C commander. “We have all six branches of services in our building, supporting the National Security Agency, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, and National Reconnaissance Office, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our mission partners,” remarked Col. Robert Schreiner, ADF-C commander.

Buckley SFB truly represents a joint, total force and coalition base. Collectively these mission sets deliver unrivaled global combat support to our combatant commands, joint mission partners and allies, while also empowering uninterrupted missile warning, intelligence, and cyber operations.

“We are excited to have AWS here in Aurora for the first time,” said Jackson. “Our community partnership is strong, building these relationships with AWS here in the coming years will sharpen the edge of technology and national defense partnerships here at Buckley.”