Leveraging Allies and Partners

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Madelyn S. Yepez
  • Buckley Space Force Base Public Affairs

Air Commodore Angus Porter, the Australian Air and Space Attache, visited the 2nd and 11 Space Warning Squadrons with Delta 4 at Buckley Space Force Base, Colo. on Mar. 16th, 2023. 

During Porter’s visit, he received a Delta 4 mission brief as well as an operations floor tour showcasing the hard work and dedication of our Space Delta 4 operators. 

“For DEL 4, we partner to win, so that the Space Force can collaborate with mission partners to accomplish our critical set of roles and functions,” said Col. Miguel Cruz, DEL 4 commander. “Operational concepts and tactics must be continuously developed, assessed, and enhanced through a service-wide campaign of learning, led by the units entrusted with our systems.”

The Royal Australian Air and Space Force engages with DEL 4 to accomplish the critical set of roles and functions within the Space Force. The Royal Air and Space Force are also exceedingly well-sustained throughout the global Air and Space Force installations. 

The DEL 4 relationship with Australia dates back more than 100 years- the capacity, concepts, and capabilities are continuously augmented to enhance the combined operations with Australian mission partnership.

“The bond of the U.S. and Australia partnership runs deep,” said Porter. “We will meet our current challenges together and build improved capabilities to counter any threat we may face in the future.”