Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Aleece Williams
  • Space Base Delta 2 Public Affairs

Women’s History Month is observed for the entire month of March and provides an opportunity for service members to acknowledge and give thanks to the women who have paved the way. This year’s theme is "Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories."

An inspiring woman here at Buckley SFB who tells the story of female Guardians is 1st Lt. Kristin Eslinger, a mission management operator from the 2nd Space Warning Squadron. Eslinger has been a part of the Space Delta 4 missile warning mission for two years. She was motivated to join because of her desire to strive for something bigger than herself that would simultaneously allow her to give back. Throughout her time in the Space Force, that ideology has reigned true as she has served on a team that has seen more missile launches than ever before.

Being on the front line of constant developments and ever-changing advancements to the missile warning mission has inspired her to better herself personally and professionally to be the best asset she can be to effectively and efficiently accomplish the mission.

She was recently accepted into graduate school to pursue a higher education in space systems. With this degree she hopes to advance her career and ensure we have the best capabilities that will guarantee missile warning, defense and battlespace awareness.

Eslinger’s motivation to put forth her best effort day-in and day-out stems from her supportive family and a host of female mentors that have done and continue to do the same.

“1st Lt. Johnelle Parlagreco, 1st Lt. Laura Drapinski, 1st Lt. Sonya McLaughlin and 2nd Lt. Mikayla Gallagher are all phenomenal female leaders who lead by example and always know just what to say,” said Eslinger. “They have been there for me for mentorship, through the good and bad, and supported me through every big decision here at Buckley SFB.”

As her career progresses, she is looking forward to inspiring change and motivating future generations of female Guardians to constantly advance their knowledge, push themselves personally and professionally and always maintain their integrity.