CU Boulder Det 105 USSF Patching Ceremony

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Aleece Williams
  • Space Base Delta 2 Public Affairs

Col. Marcus Jackson, Space Base Delta 2 commander, and Col. Marc Brock, Space Delta 2 commander, were afforded the opportunity to honor Air Force Cadets with Detachment 105, University of Colorado Boulder to replace their Air Force patches with Space Force patches during what is known as a patching ceremony, April 27.

As the U.S. Space Force is a developing service, it is vital that the customs and traditions are upheld to continue defining the unique USSF culture. One honored rite of passage is the patching ceremony that allows an upcoming Guardian to have their USSF patch placed on them by a Guardian that came before them.

“As we grow and develop, the Guardian spirit demands we understand the importance and value of taking care of fellow Guardians, our sister services and our allies,” said Jackson.

Ceremonies such as these allow the longer serving guardians to highlight the commitments that this branch upholds including how the service will continue to amplify the Guardian spirit.

While there were four cadets recognized in this ceremony, Col. Brock had a unique and special opportunity to recognize a new generation, Cadet 3rd Class Brock, his son, with his Space Force patch.

“This is the first time a Brock has had the opportunity to patch another Brock, so I’m going to take my own patch off and give it to him,” said Col. Brock.

In closing remarks from both Jackson and Brock they reiterated the importance of the path the cadets have chosen and challenged them in the service to the nation.

“Today we are building upon these core principles by the patching of our next generation of Space Force Guardians, by challenging them to embrace the line of efforts and our core values as their own,” concluded Jackson.