Guardian Resilience Team

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Aleece Williams
  • Space Base Delta 2 Public Affairs

The Guardian Resilience Team (GRT) is a program that is founded on a holistic health approach to encourage sustaining healthy habits.

This up-and-coming team has locations at six Space Force bases as well as Joint Base San Antonio and a remote unit for geographically separated Guardians. This team has various locations in an effort to figuratively and literally, meet Guardians where they are.

“The intent of the program is to improve and develop all aspects of the Guardian’s health and readiness,” said Dr. Jason Mitchler, Space Base Delta 2 holistic health integrator.

The GRT is composed of a holistic health integrator, physical therapist, certified strength and conditioning specialist, licensed mental health provider, mental health services specialist, and religious support team. This team delivers expertise in varying realms of wellness from physical to mental health.

“The Guardian Resiliency Team is focused on whole-person care for the Guardian and to be adaptable to the changing needs of the individuals at Buckley SFB,” said Mitchler.

Each of these members come together to conduct a series of assessments such as muscular, aerobic, and movement assessments. The trainers collect data to analyze the optimal times that each participant is at their peak performance for burning fat, carbs, glycogen, etc. Following the analysis of the results, the team creates a customized workout plan for each individual.

Coupled with physical assessments is the use of wearable devices that track Guardians' purposeful physical activity levels, sleep patterns, and more. The consistent monitoring that wearable devices provide and access to this well-rounded team of healthcare professionals will provide long-lasting benefits to the future of Guardians’ health. For Guardians who are interested in working with the Guardian Resilience Team, they can schedule appointments by reaching out via email.