Buckley 460th SFS attends the CAF WEPTAC conference

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Joshua Hollis
  • Space Base Delta 2 Public Affairs

Earlier this month, the 460th Security Forces Squadron Weapons and Tactics team participated in the Combat Air Forces, International Weapons and Tactics conference, or CAF WEPTAC, at the Air Force Warfare Center, Nellis AFB, Nevada.

CAF WEPTAC, is an industry trade show open to defense industry organizations who want to showcase their existing and future technologies and capabilities. 

This unprecedented opportunity empowered Buckley Space Force Base’s senior leader's defense mission, allowing direct communication with Major Command and Headquarters Air Force senior leaders to address unique challenges and shape the enterprise's procedural changes.

The 460th SFS Weapons and Tactics team played a pivotal role during the seminar, offering crucial MAJCOM-centric input across various working groups. Their participation spanned discussions on tactics improvement proposals, involving members from diverse communities such as aviation, special operations, intelligence, and major weapon systems. The collaborative efforts generated concepts and valuable insights that will significantly influence security forces' role in key areas.

The impact of this convention extends beyond mere discourse. The concepts and input gathered will play a vital role in shaping security forces' involvement in Air Task Force concept integration, Flag Event participation alongside joint partners, nuclear operations, counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems training, and doctrinal changes within the career field.

Looking ahead, the concepts accepted by Air Force senior leaders during the CAF WEPTAC summit will not remain confined to discussions. Instead, they are slated for further testing, evaluation, and implementation into the career field. This process promises to significantly enhance the warfighters' capability to operate effectively in a contested environment, mainly when collaborating with joint partners. The envisioned outcome is a strengthened ability to secure victory in high-end conflict scenarios.

"The 460 SFS actively engaged at CAF WEPTAC, which is an annual pinnacle event with a charge to accelerate the modernization and development of solutions for the joint employment of forces across the range of Air Force core warfighting functions," said Tech. Sgt Shawn Daley, 460 SFS chief of weapons and tactics. "This event fostered collaboration within working groups to produce innovative, warfighter-driven solutions for complex tactical challenges." 

In summary, the CAF WEPTAC convention marks a transformative moment for security forces, opening avenues for collaboration, innovation, and strategic planning. Defenders' active participation and valuable contributions position them at the forefront of shaping the future of the career field, ensuring its adaptability and effectiveness in the face of evolving challenges.