Sweet Celebration: Buckley SFB Hosts Very First Diamond Celebration

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Madelyn Yepez
  • Space Base Delta 2

January 24, 2024, marked a historic milestone as Buckley Space Force Base proudly hosted and celebrated the 75th Anniversary of the Air Force Chaplain Corps. Maj. Gen. Randall E. Kitchens, Air Force Chief Chaplain, was greeted by Buckley SFB leadership and celebrated this meaningful event with other military members at the installation chapel.

Each year, a distinct stone symbolizes a milestone for the Air Force Chaplain Corps. This year the diamond was chosen, making this year’s inaugural Diamond Celebration exceptionally remarkable.

The history of the Air Force Chaplain Corps dates back to 1949 when Capt. Charles I. Carpenter was appointed to be the first chaplain to transition from the Army Chaplain Corps to the Air Force Chaplain Corps.

“Carpenter saw the cultural difference between the Army Air Corps and the Air Force,” explained Kitchens, “so he began to lobby Air Force leaders to set up a separate Chaplain Corps.”

The significance of holding the first ever Diamond 75th Anniversary at Buckley SFB is to recognize both the Airmen and Guardians who the Air Force Chaplain Corps serve. The Air Force Chaplain Corps provides spiritual guidance, counseling, and support tailored to their unique needs.

To get in touch with the Buckley SFB Chapel, you can contact them at 720-847-9226 or follow their socials for more information; Facebook: Buckley SFB Chapel, IG: @buckleychapel