The Honorable Chaudhary visits Buckley

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Joshua Hollis
  • Buckley Space Force Base Public Affairs

The Honorable Ravi I. Chaudhary, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Installations, and Environment, and Chief Master Sgt. Wendell Snider, Senior Enlisted Leader for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Energy, Installations, and Environment. met with Space Base Delta 2 leadership to discuss important infrastructure topics, and tour multiple facilities at Buckley Space Force Base, Colorado, Feb. 14, 2023.  

Chaudhary brings a wealth of experience including a doctorate in liberal studies, executive leadership, and innovation. His distinguished career spans military service, aviation leadership, and governmental roles. He has demonstrated a commitment to enhancing infrastructure, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship within the Department of Defense. His visit to Buckley Space Force Base signifies a commitment to optimizing resources for mission success.

“The men and women serving at Buckley SFB are ready to meet the moment and deliver for the nation, but we must resource them with resilient infrastructure to sustain our edge in Great Power Competition,” said Dr. Chaudhary. “How we collect, manage, and discharge energy will be crucial to ensuring we are decisive in the high-end fight, particularly at installations like Buckley where we fight while employed-in-place. This is an endeavor in which we dare not come in second place, and we won’t. Nobody knows that better than the Airmen and Guardians here at Buckley SFB."

The morning began with a briefing led by Buckley leadership, joined by Chaudhary and senior officials, that provided an opportunity for candid discussions on future strategies.  

Informed by Buckley leadership, Chaudhary then embarked on a comprehensive tour of Del 4, housing, dormitories, and the power plant, accompanied by base leadership and personnel. This exploration allowed Chaudhary to witness infrastructure firsthand and gain valuable insights into areas for potential enhancement. 

In conclusion, Chaudhary's visit to Buckley Space Force Base symbolizes a commitment to advancing facilities and ensuring continued mission readiness. With his wealth of experience and expertise, Chaudhary's insights and guidance will undoubtedly contribute to enhancing Buckley's capabilities and supporting the Air Force and Space Force's overarching mission objectives.

"Buckley Space Force Base stands at the forefront of space operations, and our infrastructure plays a vital role in supporting our mission readiness," said Col. Heidi Dexter, SBD2 commander. "I am committed to working collaboratively with our partners to optimize our infrastructure for mission success."