SpOC Year of the NCO

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Joshua Hollis
  • Buckley Space Force Base

Space Operations Command announced its newest initiative, the "SpOC Year of the NCO," aimed at revitalizing and empowering the non-commissioned officer corps that supports space, March 1, 2024.

The focus for 2024 leading up to the U.S. Space Force 5th Birthday celebration is on fostering pride, discipline, and excellence. This initiative is a cornerstone in SpOC's mission to build a combat-ready warfighting team, prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.

With the "Year of the NCO '' initiative, Chief Master Sgt. Caleb Lloyd, SpOC senior enlisted leader, reaffirms the command’s commitment to readiness, innovation, and the development of its warfighting team, led by the dedicated men and women of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force NCO corps.

"Across SpOC, we are focused on building a combat-ready warfighting team poised for today’s challenges, ready for tomorrow’s fight. It starts with our NCOs,” Lloyd said. “Our mission is dead in the water without our assigned Airmen, and development of Air Force NCOs is just as much a priority as it is for our Guardians.”

Through this initiative, SpOC seeks to equip all NCOs across the command with the skills, mindset, and support they need to excel in their roles and lead the command into the future.

“The Year of the NCO initiative helps define and remind Air Force and Space Force NCOs how vital they are in all facets of our force achieving success,” said Chief Master Sgt. Kyle Mullen, Delta 4 senior enlisted leader. "We can’t afford to employ a warfighting NCO workforce that doesn’t embrace extreme ownership and feel an immense connection to the mission, the teammate beside them, or see the profound value of their impact to the organization."

SpOC recently published the “10 Traits we value in our NCOs” to help enforce the expected behaviors that achieve successful outcomes for mission, people, and healthy culture. Other “Year of the NCO” initiatives include developing an NCO creed, formalizing an NCO mentorship program, and various lines of effort focused on uplifting and supporting the NCO corps.

“This initiative encourages NCOs to invest in their roles, take ownership of their responsibilities, and uphold the highest standards of character and professionalism,” concluded Lloyd. “In return, SpOC leadership pledges to create opportunities for growth, provide support, and cultivate an environment where NCOs can thrive.”

To learn more about the SpOC Year of the NCO and read about all the 10 traits visit: https://www.spoc.spaceforce.mil/About-Us/Year-of-the-NCO