5 SWS Change of Command

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Joshua Hollis
  • Space Base Delta 2

BUCKLEY SPACE FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Lt. Col. Robert Smith assumed command of the
5th Space Warning Squadron from Lt. Col. Michael Provencher during a change of
command ceremony that took place at the Leadership Development Center at Buckley
Space Force Base, Aurora, Colorado, May 3rd, 2023.
This occasion marks the first change of command for 5 SWS under Space Delta 4. The
squadron undergoes this transition with gratitude for Lt. Col. Provencher's exceptional
leadership and a steadfast resolve to continue its mission with dedication.
"There's no doubt in my mind that Michael will continue to be successful," Col. Ernest
Schmitt, Space Delta 4 commander, said. "Just as we bid farewell to Lt. Col. Provencher,
we also take this opportunity to welcome an equally talented leader, Lt. Col. Robert
According to Schmitt, Provencher's transition to the United States Space Force brought
a wealth of experience and expertise as a U.S. Army Inter-service Transfer officer.
His background proved invaluable in the transition from the Army to the Space Force for
the Joint Tactical Ground Station mission.
Provencher's adept handling of this critical mission ensured a smooth transition,
enabling the USSF to integrate JTAGS into its operations seamlessly. Schmitt concluded
that Provencher’s leadership during this pivotal period has laid the groundwork for
future success, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and the squadron's
mission readiness.
As opposed to thanking his squadron as a whole, Provencher took a more personal
approach to his speech. He individually thanked those he worked with at 5 SWS,
including those assigned to its geographically separated units. "Thank you to all our
detachment commanders," said Provencher. "You're great advocates for your forces,
reminding the squadron to stay focused on what matters most: those guardians in the
Smith's arrival heralds a continuation of the squadron's commitment to excellence and
its dedication to its mission.
"This is a team, this is a family. We come together to deliver combat defense here at
Buckley," said Smith. "That's what we will continue to do as a part of 5 SWS."