U.S. Space Force top general visits Space Forces Korea

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  • 7th Air Force Public Affairs

U.S. Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. Chance Saltzman met with Guardians as well as government and military officials during a visit to Osan Air Base and Seoul May 5-7.

Saltzman visited with several Space Force units at Osan AB, witnessing firsthand the magnitude of the service’s mission in the region and its growth in recent years.

“Our Guardians serving in Korea provide the space expertise necessary to deter aggression and bolster partnerships in the dynamic security environment we face,” Saltzman said. “The critical missions they perform as part of the joint force will give us the advantages we need to compete and outperform our adversaries and overcome any threats we face.”

Osan is home to U.S. Space Forces – Korea, activated in December 2022 and assigned to the U.S. Forces Korea sub-unified command. SPACEFOR-KOR works closely with allies and joint partners to integrate space activities into shared operations, activities, and investments.

Saltzman met with SPACEFOR-KOR Guardians and leadership during his visit, gaining a deeper understanding of their recent contributions to the space mission and recognizing several superior performers.

“We are excited to showcase the incredible efforts of our Guardians to expand space domain integration and awareness over the past year and a half,” said Lt. Col. Joshua McCullion, SPACEFOR-KOR commander. “From sitting side-by-side with our ROK partners during Tier-1 exercises, to developing relationships with space domain leaders in Korea through seminars and conferences, Guardians here epitomize the “Partner to Win” mentality. We also synchronize capabilities with our joint U.S. partners across the peninsula, aligning information flow and understanding -- underscoring the success of our defense mission in the theater.”

The Space Force stood up 5th Space Warning Squadron Detachment 3 at Osan AB in October 2023, taking on the responsibility of providing assured missile warning across the Indo-Pacific region through the assumption of the Army’s Joint Tactical Ground Station missile warning system. Its mission goes hand-in-hand with that of the 73rd Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Squadron Detachment 2, also located on Osan AB, which provides accurate and timely intelligence to the combatant commander.

“Evolving threats in the space domain present new challenges daily, which is why these Guardians understand the importance of being prepared to Fight Tonight,” said Saltzman. “They approach combat readiness with a sense of intensity that truly embodies the Guardian Spirit.”

Saltzman also addressed the importance of space superiority with government and defense officials in Seoul. He met with the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, the ROK Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Chief of Staff of the ROK Air Force.
Discussions focused on bolstering integration between ROK and U.S. space personnel and operations and continuing the dialogue on space and missile defense capabilities within the broader defense framework of the Korean peninsula.

Integration with allies and partners is one of the Space Force’s three primary lines of effort. “Partnering to Win” remains integral to the service’s ability to succeed, and SPACEFOR-KOR’s mission is crucial to that effort.

“Our nations’ shared focus on space is a testament to the strength of the ROK-U.S. Alliance, and our collaboration is critical to the preservation of peace and stability on the peninsula. We will succeed with the support of like-minded nations like the Republic of Korea.”