My thoughts on Black History Month

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Terry Williams
  • Buckley Garrison Public Affairs

When it comes to Black History Month, I suppose that I have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, I love that we are taking time as a nation to celebrate the contributions and historical impact of Black people. Amazingly, during this month, people learn about all the great Black figures who helped shape the world we live in. As a child, I always loved reciting speeches written by Dr. Martin Luther King, Sojourner Truth, and other great Black Americans. I reveled in the fact that some of my favorite things were invented by people who looked like me.

On the other hand, as I grew into adulthood and reflected on my childlike exuberance, I noticed that I began to harbor resentment regarding Black History Month.

My resentment was never about the month in and of itself; it is because this is the only time that we're celebrated as a people. Assuredly, all these great accomplishments didn't happen in just this one month, so why is February the only time they are acknowledged or celebrated? With all that Black people have endured and contributed to this world, why is it only these 28 days that we are allowed to shine?

So, until this nation is in a place where all people and their contributions to the nations' greatness are highlighted equally, I will continue to celebrate those seemingly lost to history the other 11 months of the year too.