BSFB develops seamless integration, enhances culture

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  • By Col. Marcus Jackson, Buckley Garrison commander
  • Buckley Garrison

I am proud to represent the United States Space Force as the Buckley Space Force Base commander. I understand that we are taking on an unprecedented challenge as we transition to becoming the third Space Force base in our nation’s illustrious history. With this change comes the obstacle of integrating the Air Force’s traditions with our newest branch’s ideals and values. I value every person on this installation as their efforts contribute to maintaining the mission. Strengthening the relationship between Guardians and Airmen is my number one goal!

I intend on making Buckley Space Force Base the place to be. We will accomplish this through enhancing our communities both on and off base with the emphasis on creating more connectivity. This past year has been very isolating for so many, and I believe it is time for us to strengthen our bonds with one another. We will continue some of the activities we already have in place like the drive-in movies while adding other events such as Sports Day, Wingman Day, and Fun Runs. I am open to all suggestions that you all might have to increase our installation’s culture and camaraderie.

It is a very delicate balance to venture into our future while carrying forward the traditions that have strengthened our force. I was born into the Air Force, my father spent 30 years on active duty. When I decided to join the Air Force myself, I could never have imagined spending 22 years as a proud Airmen! And I certainly could never have envisioned transitioning after that 22 years into a new service. The Air Force’s heritage and culture are deeply embedded in who I am as a man, Guardian, and commander. I ask all of you to be bold and innovative during these next two years. I am excited for this opportunity to serve you and your families as we look to build a better Buckley!

Semper Supra / Aim High

Col. Marcus Jackson