T.G.I.M., the new perspective on Mondays

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Fred Taylor
  • Commander, Communication Operations Squadron West
How many times has Monday come around and you wished the weekend was just a little longer? Contrast that with Friday when you are relieved the week has come to a close and the weekend is about to begin. The enthusiasm so often associated with Friday and the start of the weekend is usually met with anticipation and excitement. Compare this with the attitude many hold towards Monday and the beginning of the work week. Imagine if the enthusiasm for Friday was transferred to Mondays? Consider the level of excitement and anticipation in the workplace. The knowledge that you are doing something important with the possibility to do something amazing should inspire and excite Airmen. 

I think people look forward to Fridays because of the potential the weekend can hold. All too often people fail to remember and appreciate all the opportunities in the Air Force. Military benefits such as education, training, leadership and service are well-known and understood but some of the day-to-day perks are often overlooked and taken for granted. The daily benefits provided by the people, missions and Air Force culture create a positive environment filled with potential to do something great. Frequently, these features may seem to be forgotten. The opportunity to do something special can be very gratifying and rewarding. Every day there is the need to do something important. 

T.G.I.M! The men and women serving in the Air Force are a select group of individuals. Not just anyone can join the Air Force. Like all professions there are standards for admission. In order to join the Air Force there are extensive educational and medical assessments that must be met. Once cleared medically and educationally Airmen must complete basic training before they are truly accepted into the ranks. Only the best qualified are accepted into the service. Everyone who is in the Air Force made a choice and with that choice a commitment to meet certain standards, which compared to many other professions, are much more stringent and demanding. Once accepted, the educational opportunities are extensive, from technical training to leadership training, Air Force members are educated to meet very complex missions with very demanding standards. The confidence and ability of today's Airmen to tackle and solve very big challenges is astounding. It should be inspiring to know that the people who serve are a select group of people that have met very rigorous standards. Airmen count on each other to apply all of their skills and leadership to solve hard problems. Most Air Force members don't come to work wondering if the people they serve with are qualified, it's accepted and expected that members are skilled and professional in their duties. There is comfort in knowing the people they work with are competent and qualified. 

T.G.I.M! Airmen may be more eager about Monday when they consider the missions they support. The work done by the Air Force is important, the actions and decisions of Airmen have far reaching effects that can impact the lives of all Americans. Everyday Airmen can know that their work helped keep the United States safe. No other job compares to the scope and responsibility of military service. The technology and equipment Airmen work with is phenomenal. It is exciting to have the opportunity everyday to work with systems others only dream about. Our advanced technology and innovative application of this technology to meet challenging missions make the work interesting and significant. 

As the nation's sword and shield, the American people trust Airmen to be good stewards of this awesome capability to execute missions vital to America and its partners. The level of respect and appreciation by the citizens Airmen serve should motivate them to tackle each mission with gusto and zeal. The desire to do our duty transcends personal comfort to complete tasks contributing to the welfare of others. 

T.G.I.M! The culture of the United States Air Force is unique. Airmen have a proud heritage and a shared set of values. The Air Force core values embodied by integrity, service and excellence define the traits necessary for success. These values are the essence of the profession. The confidence that those who serve perform their jobs with professionalism, pride and respect, instills confidence and purpose in others. The Air Force has very high standards and holds one another to those shared standards. Inherent in the Air Force culture, Airmen strive to do what is right with honor and truthfulness. Airmen trust those with whom they work with and trust is vital to unit cohesion and mission accomplishment. Those who do not adhere to the standards cannot remain. The Air Force culture demands excellence. Airmen expect the best from each other and to perform at the highest standards. The belief and faith Airmen have in one another allows everyone to perform their job with the utmost professionalism and know that their fellow Airmen will do their part and support each other in a time of need. There is no room for substandard performance because the mission demands the best; it's just that important. 

So the next time the weekend comes to a close look forward to Monday and look for opportunities to do something great. The talented people, incredible missions and admirable Air Force culture should energize Airmen for the promising week ahead.