Summer safety

  • Published
  • By Joshua Coleman
  • 460th Force Support Squadron
Colorado is full of beautiful mountains, lakes, trails and many other scenic attractions. With great weather upon us there will be plenty of barbecues, boating trips, camping trips, pool parties and many other recreational activities for us to enjoy, and opportunities to travel highways to visit friends and relatives in other states. In all of this, practicing sound safety precautions and being a wingman is a must in preventing accidents.

Accidents can happen at any time and anywhere. However, being prepared and having a plan will help you stay alert, prevent most accidents and make every activity a safe one. 

Here are some brief safety tips for summer recreational activities:

-- Alcohol does not mix with driving, boating, sports and recreational activities. Impairing one's judgment and physical abilities with alcohol drastically increases the likelihood of an accident.

-- Do your best to stay hydrated. In this high altitude and in the heat of summer, dehydration can happen quickly. Without water the body begins to shut down and one's judgment and physical abilities become seriously impaired.

-- Have and be a wingman. With someone else looking out for you it is less likely that an accident could occur.

Enjoy this summer, plan recreational activities for you, your family and friends. Safety is everyone's concern. Be a wingman and do your part for Team Buckley and remember, safety first!