Meet NOSC Denver

  • Published
  • By Cmdr. Patrick O'Flaherty
  • NOSC commander
The Navy Operational Support Center, Denver serves as the largest Navy Reserve organization in Colorado.

Our mission is simple - support to the fleet ... ready and fully integrated!

We provide mission-capable units and individuals to the Navy and Marine Corps team throughout the full range of operations from peace to war. To that end, our active component staff is dedicated to provide the best possible administrative, medical, instructional and logistical support to the Navy reservists we support.

This highly proactive mission ensures our reservists are ready for mobilization and are able to integrate with active duty forces throughout the globe. Our Sailors are, likewise, dedicated to maintaining their ability to mobilize on a moment's notice, and to providing fully integrated operational support to their supported active duty commands year round.

Today, more than 700 reservists drill with 24 diverse units that are either directly under the command of, or derive administrative and logistical support from, NOSC Denver. Some of the various units assigned to NOSC Denver include Naval Special Warfare, or SEALS; Naval Security Forces; Naval Information Operations Command; a Carrier Augment Unit; an Operational Health Support Unit; Navy Combat Construction, or the Seabees; and the Naval Forces Europe Maritime Partnership Program unit commander.

The majority of these units operate in support of fleet commanders, providing critical specialties and expertise for their operations.

Since Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, our nation's reliance on Reserve forces has been described as the largest, fastest mobilization since World War II, an operating scheme that has been tested and proven. In today's environment this new mandate takes on added meaning and responsibilities as the Navy Reserve force is called on to play an increasingly active role in the day to day planning and operational requirements of the active duty Navy.

The Reserve represents 20 percent of the Navy's total assets and is a significant force multiplier the active fleet needs to meet its growing global commitments.

This is also true for Operations Noble Eagle and Iraqi Freedom and the units assigned to NOSC Denver. Since Sept. 11, 2001, NOSC Denver has mobilized more than 300 reservists and active duty staff in support of these operations and the Global War on Terror.

As an organization, NOSC Denver is the result of the merger of Naval Air Reserve Center, Denver and Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Denver. It reports to the Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region Southwest commander located in San Diego.

As one of the few Navy commands in Colorado, the NOSC Denver has assumed a leadership role in the community. The command strives to cultivate and maintain friendly and cooperative relations both within the local community and statewide. It is actively engaged with numerous community organizations including the Aurora Chamber of Commerce Defense Council, State of Colorado Military Affairs Committee, and various other military and civic organizations.