Making appointments is now painless

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. Loretta Bush
  • 460th Medical Group
Have you called the appointment line to get an appointment at the Buckley Clinic only to be informed that the appointment choices are not compatible with your schedule? Do you wish the capability existed to make an appointment after duty hours for the next day or for a specific day or time? Have you called on a Monday and found yourself on hold for an extended amount of time? You can now eliminate those experiences by registering and using the revolutionary online appointing system, TRICARE Online, or TOL.

TOL allows you make an appointment at the Buckley Clinic 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Appointments can be made from any computer where internet access is present; at home, work, an internet cafe' or a library.

The highlighted feature is its accessibility. Zero time limitations to make your appointment and selecting your appointment based on the date and time that best fits your schedule. Active duty and family members who are enrolled as TRICARE beneficiaries can register to use this appointment tool. Each family member must register separately but the family members can have the same password.

Since its inception in mid-September, 80 percent of all Buckley clinic appointments are available online. Our TOL registration rate  increased by 70 percent and is ranked as one of the top two bases in Air Force Space Command for TOL use.

"I registered and it was quite easy to do," and "making an appointment was very painless," are just a couple of the awesome feedbacks the 460th Medical Group has received.

To learn how to register go to, select medical information, then select TRICARE Online Guidance. A printable document will appear and walk you through registration and making an appointment online. The TRICARE Online Web site address is or

Here are some user tips to help along the way:
Visitation reasons
-- New problem/Urgent - this is a routine medical problem that requires you to be seen within 24 hours. This does not include lab results, medical refills, chest pain, broken limbs, or depression.
-- Follow up visit - a routine medical problem where the problem has existed for more than 24hrs, or a request for a follow up with Primary Care Manager on an existing issue.

When making an appointment for your child, use the child's log on to make the appointment.

Register today and make TOL your number one option for making an appointment at the Buckley Clinic. 

For more online information, stop by the clinic's front desk or call 720-847-6474.

Once you're signed up, don't forget to make your appointment.