New changes to fincial services

  • Published
  • By By 2nd Lt. Matthew Mueller
  • 460th Comptroller Squadron
Transformation is a buzzword in today's Air Force and there are several upcoming changes that will ease the process of how members and retirees will handle pay issues.

As many are aware, myPay,, has been around for more than a year to help members identify pay matters more efficiently. It is an award-winning program that has been recognized in the private sector as a cutting-edge method of delivering secure electronic pay statements, as well as providing other helpful services such as allotments, savings bonds, Thrift Savings Plan allocations and more.

According to the myPay Web site, customers can receive electronic copies of their Leave and Earning Statement and W-2 statement, through the site. Using myPay allows these documents to be provided to customers earlier and faster than relying on conventional mail delivery.

The e-W-2 has been available in a printer friendly version and the e-LES is now available as well. The e-W-2 meets IRS requirements and can be used to file taxes. This is a very convenient tool to help members during tax time especially due to its accessibility worldwide. As the Air Force moves to promote use of the Web site, customers are urged to use it before going to the financial services office.

Another large-scale change coming in the next few years is the implementation of a central financial services contact center to be headquartered at Ellsworth AFB, S.D. The selection of the initial personnel to staff the center is currently underway. Soon, a member will not have to rely on the financial services office on base, though they will still be able to if preferred.

The ease of access will be beneficial to the customer and, at the same time, it will provide 24-hour access to members wherever they are, according to Maj. Brian Satterlee, 460th Comptroller Squadron commander.

"During this time of transition, there will still be financial expertise on base available to handle concerns, but the footprint will be smaller," he said.

The completion of the Air Force Financial Service Center, or AFFSC, as it is to be called, will be mutually beneficial to the Air Force, and customers by streamlining the process of financial matters.

Transformation is very much a part of the financial management department. Finance's transition is unique in that it affects every active member and retiree. Be on the lookout for more changes in the future.