Environmental Awareness vs. Training

  • Published
  • By Darrell Davis
  • 460th Civil Engineer Squadron
There has been a bit of confusion as of late as to what we are required to know here at Buckley Air Force Base in regards to protecting the environment. Who helps us learn how to perform this responsibility? What is the difference between awareness and training?

Awareness is having knowledge or perception of a fact.  Training is organized instruction which provides knowledge that we can use to develop a desired skill or ability.  The resources of who, what, and where for environmental training are readily available at your level.

The only mandatory environmental training for all personnel is the Emergency Management Awareness computer-based training available on the Advanced Distributed Learning Service website. This is a one-time training, so if you've completed it before at a previous assignment, you're good for your career. Just ensure it's noted in your formal training records.

As for the who portion, certain individuals have been given the task of promoting environmental awareness within your work centers. These are your Unit Environmental Coordinators.

These individuals have been designated by your unit commander to be the focal point for all environmental matters in your work center. Each UEC is responsible for ensuring the personnel in their unit are aware of the Buckley AFB Environmental Policy, a copy of which should be posted on your official bulletin board.

The UEC also ensures, as a minimum, that the personnel in the work center are aware of the Buckley AFB one-stream recycling program, pollution prevention initiatives, and product substitution directives. The UECs work closely with the 460th Civil Engineer Squadron Environmental Element to pass on any updates to these programs or other environmental topics of which you need to be aware.

Awareness is an important part of our lives. When we become aware of our need for improvement, we should seek training or instruction. By being aware of how our everyday actions can affect the environment, we can utilize that training and knowledge to sustain the mission and reduce our impact on the environment.