743d MI BN Understanding the Army Space Badge

  • Published
  • By Capt. Craig Maybee
  • 743d Military Intelligence Battalion Alpha Company
It was a sunny afternoon on March 10 and a crowd began to gather just outside the Aerospace Data Facility, Colorado. They were all here to see one thing.

The Army Space Badges were going to be presented to a group of Soldiers. This award represented a culmination of over a year's worth of dedicated training and real world work experience in support of space operations.

In 2006, the U.S. Army began awarding the Space Badge to its Soldiers. The Space Badge can be awarded to active duty Army, Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers. For active duty Soldiers, the Space Badge is awarded to those individuals who have worked over a year in a Space Enabling Position and have graduated the Space Cadre Level Two course.

For the Soldiers of the 743rd Military Intelligence Battalion, this badge not only represents more than a year of hard work but also represents their triumph in the Space Cadre Course itself. Three months prior to the presentation, the Soldiers were mentally pushed to their limits for nearly two weeks. They were tested over various topics such as Orbital Mechanics, history of Rockets and U.S. Space Programs, types of orbits, satellites, and types of propulsion. It was, indeed, rocket science.

Lastly, like airborne wings or the Air Assault Badge, the Space Badge is worn above the right "U.S. Army" tape on the Army Combat Uniform or MultiCam Uniform. Unlike these badges, this badge can only be earned by actually working in a job. These Soldiers will be able to wear these badges throughout their career as a symbol of all they have done and learned.