Family, Friends and Health

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Charles Hassell
  • 460th Civil Engineer Squadron
In today’s Air Force every career field is under stress due to the high-operations tempo and low-manning levels. Here at Buckley AFB the situation is no different.

The 460th Operations Group is consistently providing missile warning and has a global impact.

The 460th Medical Group provides excellent medical care while having some of its units geographically separated from the base.

The 460th Mission Support Group deals with the constant pressures that span from securing the base with low manning levels to providing snow removal throughout seven months of the year.

All of these stresses, along with personal issues, can put even the strongest of us in a depressed state of mind from time to time. However, I think it is key to remember three things: your family, your friends and your health. These are critical because if you have all three, then everything is going to be ok. When a friend of yours is feeling stressed, ask them to reflect on these three items because at the end of the day, these are what truly matter.

In times of stress I often think of my dad. He is a retired master sergeant and was in the communications career field for 21 years. I often think of the times we spent playing football in the backyard when I was a kid, and I remember the many phone calls we have had over University of Oklahoma or Dallas Cowboys football games.

I also think about my mom. I think about the look on her face the moment I graduated college. I have never seen her happier or more proud.

Finally, I think about my brother. As kids, we did everything together from playing football, running track and numerous other sports. Today, my brother and I constantly share stories about our kids and how proud of them we are.

My parents and my brother are all doing well. When I feel stressed, I reflect on my memories with my family and I realize that my stresses are not that big of a deal. I’m reminded that things are not so bad and I am blessed to be able to spend time with them. They will always be there for me, along with my friends both in and out of the Air Force.

Thinking about family and friends can help put things into perspective but it is also critical to look out for friends that are having issues. Remind your friends if they are having issues in any of the three areas, they have family and friends within their unit to help them through the tough times.

Commanders, chiefs, first sergeants, chaplains and so many other personnel on Buckley AFB are always there for a friend in need. We are all part of the greatest military in the world; we are the greatest because we are always there for each other in times of need.