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  • Putting New Heavy Rescue to the Test

    Firefighters from the 460th Civil Engineer Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, are getting a much needed upgrade. They received a new Heavy Rescue truck and soon will have a Heavy Hazardous Materials Response vehicle on the way.
  • Coding the future: DEL 4 members selected for Supra Coders course

    The United States Space Force’s cyber Guardians are trained in more than just their original Air Force Specialty Codes. These warriors are leading the forefront in the cyber warfare domain as they are trained to develop software and code. Out of 400 people, 25 members were selected to attend the “Supra Coders” course, and five of those chosen are assigned to Space Delta 4.
  • Making a difference: Chaplain warms hearts, strengthens morale

    Chaplain (Maj.) Bob Stone, a chaplain with the 136th Airlift Wing, arrived at the remote location of Clear Air Force Station, Alaska on Oct. 18, 2020. Following quarantine, the jubilant Stone immediately began executing his mission, taking care of Team Clear. The team consists of three squadrons; the 13th Space Warning Squadron under the U.S. Space Force and the Alaska Air National Guard's 213th Space Warning Squadron, and 268th Security Forces Squadron. In the sub-arctic environment of Clear AFS, a chaplain’s specialty is essential. With temperatures that stay at 40 degrees below zero regularly, minimal sunlight during shortened days coupled with little to no opportunities to walk outside for a breath of fresh air, individuals are at an increased risk for experiencing feelings of isolation and depression.
  • Buckley Medics participate in Tactical Combat Casualty Care exercise

    Staff Sgt. William Shimel (left), a 140th Air National Guard Medical Group aerospace medical