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Air Force Office of Special Investigations here to protect personnel

  • Published
  • By Meaghan Horan
  • 460th Space Wing Public Affairs
Keeping Air Force personnel, Defense Department personnel and U.S. citizens safe no matter where they are in the world is the main purpose of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. AFOSI agents have been the main force of protection and investigative services for Air Force personnel since Aug. 1, 1948.

Special Agent Sherman Brooks, AFOSI Detachment 801, explained that AFOSI has many responsibilities throughout the Air Force that take shape in the different types of operations they take part in.

Agent Brooks emphasized that "OSI agents are not out to get the Airmen; they are here for their protection and the protection of DOD resources and U.S. personnel."

In order for Air Force personnel to be able to do their jobs, AFOSI works to resolve crimes that impact the Air Force's readiness or good order and discipline. Identifying, and counteracting criminal, terrorist and intelligence threats to the Air Force, the DOD and the U.S. government makes AFOSI a crucial part of our nation's security.

AFOSI manages a wide variety of operations throughout the Air Force and around the world, but Agent Brooks emphasized the importance of counterintelligence and fraud operations. Gathering information through assets around the globe allows OSI agents to assist in the prevention of attacks against Air Force personnel and U.S. citizens. Protecting the Air Force and the DOD against fraud, or economic crime, is also extremely important to their operational success.

In addition to protecting Air Force personnel and U.S. citizens from terrorist, intelligence and economic attacks, AFOSI assists in investigations pertaining to felony crimes including murder, robbery, drug use and trafficking, arson, black market activities and other criminal activities. AFOSI also has agents working to protect people from computer crimes, ready to quickly respond to any cyber threat around the world.

Along with the protection in cyberspace comes the necessary protection of Air Force technology and data. The AFOSI Research and Technology Protection Program is focused on keeping Air Force technologies, programs, personnel and facilities protected from outside sources.

AFOSI is given the responsibility of protecting millions of people and with that responsibility comes the need for help. The Eagle Eyes program was set up just for that reason. Being constantly aware of your surroundings and reporting any suspicious activity could be what stops an attack. AFOSI agents are not everywhere, so to report anything suspicious to Buckley's agents during duty hours, call 720-847-6607. After duty hours, call the security forces desk at 720-847-9250.