460 MSG’s Esther Benjamin is Buckley’s Warrior of the Week

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  • By 460th Space Wing Public Affairs
Esther Benjamin, 460th Mission Support Group, is Team Buckley's Warrior of the Week for Oct. 12.

Ms. Benjamin is from Ulysses, Kan. and has served 23 years in the civil service. Her hobbies are reading and crocheting.

What is the combat capability that this person exemplified to earn the title, "Warrior of the Week?" 

"Ms. Esther Benjamin has been the rock solid foundation of the 460th Mission Support Group commander's office for over three years. She not only keeps the CC and CD on track by ensuring they get to all their meetings on time, but she also keeps a "motherly" eye on the young airmen, offering advice and guidance. Esther is always there to provide assistance on compiling a staff package, scheduling the conference room or a meeting, offer directions to the TMO office or recommend a great place for a luncheon! She is always quick to greet visitors with a smile, a hug, and a 'how can I help you' attitude! Her positive, cheery disposition is contagious to everyone she meets. (Currently battling breast cancer) She has continued to be an inspiration to her coworkers and friends across the base. Ms Esther and her family participated in the Walk for the Cure on Oct. 4 at the Pepsi Center." Said Chief Master Sgt. Gregory Williams, 460th Mission Support Group.

How do your day-to-day duties impact the Air Force mission? 

I am part of the front office team that provides support to the commander. I review staff packets, EPRs, OPRs and decorations that come into this office to ensure that they are in the correct format. As the cardholder for the office, I ensure that office supplies are on hand and available for use. 

Why do you serve? 

When I first started with my civil service career, it was because of the benefits. But with time I came to love working with the military and to see how professional most are. I have been fortunate enough over the last 23 years to work with all the branches of the military. I have enjoyed making new friends with the military members, some for a lifetime and others just in passing. It has been a truly enjoyable time for me. 

What is your most memorable personal accomplishment? 

Having the opportunity to go to the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, working as a volunteer. I was able to go with my daughter's church youth group as a sponsor. We ran a stand at Rockies games to raise the money for the trip. That was an experience of a lifetime. 

Where would you like to be in 10 years? What will you be doing? 

I'm hoping to be retired from civil service, so that I can spend more time with my four daughters and my grandson. I'm also hoping to be able to travel. I'd love to go back to Australia with my family and show them the places I was fortunate enough to see in 2000.