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Buckley's water deemed safe, meets all standards

  • Published
  • By the 460th Bioenvironmental Engineering Office
Buckley's water system continues to meet all state and federal drinking water standards.

Buckley's water system is consecutive with Aurora's, therefore Buckley is not required to sample as extensively as the city of Aurora. However, Bioenvironmental sampled for microbiological contamination (total coliform), lead and copper, parameters that could potentially change as the water flows to Buckley.

The report shows:
Total Coliform: Pathogenic organisms are naturally present in the environment and can get into the drinking water. Total coliform analysis is a simple, inexpensive and very accurate test that indicates the absence of pathogenic organisms. Total coliform is sampled monthly according to population. Bioenvironmental collects a minimum of 10 water samples each month from strategic locations throughout the drinking water distribution system. They collected 143 samples and detected no bacteria.

Lead and Copper: Lead and copper sampling is accomplished annually to ensure old disintegrating pipes are not contaminating the drinking water system. Lead and copper were common materials used in the construction of water main pipes prior to the early 1980's. The two contaminants do not pose a serious health hazard to adults, but could potentially affect young children and infants if present in high concentrations. Bioenvironmental collected 10 lead and copper samples during October 2006. 

For more information on Buckley's drinking water, call Capt. Daniel Sweeney at 720-847-6384.