Heisman Trophy winner visits Buckley

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  • 460th Space Wing

“We were truly honored to visit with Mr. Herschel Walker,” said Col. John Wagner, 460th Space Wing commander. “He was an incredible athlete and role model, and he continues to be an inspirational and compassionate human being.  His concern for our warriors was truly motivating and we will carry his message forward to help us better serve each other as stronger wingmen.” 

Walker spoke to service members on Buckley AFB about his life on and off the field and some of the challenges he has had to overcome throughout his life.

One of the main challenges that Walker has had to overcome has been Dissociative Identity Disorder. DID is a disorder characterized by an individual having two distinct personality states along with suffering from impaired memory. He has sought out help for the disorder and has been able to move forward in his life in a positive manner.

Walker wanted to join the military out of high school but ended up attending the University of Georgia on a football scholarship, where he became an All-American and Heisman Trophy winner. After college, Walker played professional football for twelve years, retiring from the sport in 1997.

Walker now runs Renaissance Man Food Services along with participating in other business ventures. He hopes to have one more professional mixed martial arts fight before the end of the year, but is happy where he’s at in life.

Walker continues to travel the country, going from military base to military base speaking of his experiences and giving admiration to those who serve this country.

“A man can stand up for himself, but a bigger man stands up for others,” said Walker. “That’s why I admire the military, because they stand up for an entire country.”