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  • Airmen taking care of Airmen: meaning behind the Mansfield Tree

    The 460th Space Communications Squadron held its annual tree-lighting ceremony in honor of Senior Airman Kristopher Mansfield in front of the Health and Wellness Center Dec. 5. Members of the 460th SCS mark Airman Mansfield's passing each year with the tree-lighting ceremony.On Sept. 4, 2004, Airman Mansfield, who had recently returned from a
  • Take the gloves off when leading

    I believe it is high time we "take the gloves off" when it comes to leading our Airmen. No, I'm not advocating physical punishment to motivate our Airmen, but I am saying we've got to quit this coddling foolishness once and for all. Being an effective leader will sometimes result in showing some "tough love." Our Airmen don't need a "buddy" as
  • Be the example by setting the standard

    What example are you knowingly or unknowingly setting? All of us are in the business of mentoring, leading, or setting the example in some form or fashion. What we may not always realize is when we're doing it. The best answer to this question is, at all times. To emphasize my point, allow me to share a story with you. I cross-trained back in 1994,
  • Discipline from the broader perspective

    When I speak about the enlisted force structure, I always highlight supervising as the single most important responsibility because it's the only duty shared across all three enlisted tiers. As supervisors, you are entrusted with our most valuable asset -- our Airmen. You will be required to provide your Airmen with feedback, performance reports,
  • Focus, dedication, excellence

    Last month, the 566th Intelligence Squadron had the "pleasure" of an Inspector General inspection, just as the 460th Space Wing did last spring. And, just as with the 460th, the IG team remarked on the quality of our Airmen in the 566th and the excellence of our work. In inspecting our key programs, they didn't just interview our squadron leaders
  • Native warriors, neither gone nor forgotten

    Beyond the stereotypical images of warriors on horseback raiding the plains, are the forgotten generations of American Indian soldiers and veterans. No war waged or fought on this continent, or by this country happened without Native American involvement. Even now, the call of the warrior is still a powerful force among American Indians. This is
  • Public servants, political process -- A right, a responsibility

    It's just a few days away now -- Election Day. Regardless of who is elected President on Nov. 4, the United States will close one chapter of its history and begin a new one. A new administration will bring new ideas to the challenges we face as a nation; challenges that are political, economic and military in nature. That has been the case with
  • Get REAL

    During his weekly teleconference, General C. Robert Kehler, commander of Air Force Space Command, asked his wing commanders to focus on leadership during their commander's calls. He felt Airmen need to emphasize leadership more and hold each other accountable for instilling leadership. I've heard the term "leadership" throughout my career and have
  • An opportunity to lead

    About a week ago, an issue occurred regarding an operational deployment that required immediate intervention from my Crew Force Management Flight. When I requested information from the flight, it wasn't the flight commander, noncommissioned officer in charge or even a flight NCO who forwarded the data to me. The most junior member of the flight, an
  • Far away from the edge

    The 11th Space Warning Squadron is a geographically separated unit under the 460th Operations Group. As a GSU at Schriever, much of what we do may not be visible to the personnel on Buckley AFB. Sometimes that's frustrating and sometimes it's rather convenient. Ordinarily we prefer to keep our mistakes to ourselves, and only announce our triumphs.