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  • Perception, appearance is reality

    Appearances can be deceiving. We should all endeavor to avoid the appearance of impropriety, meaning, we should avoid actions that create the appearance of violating the law or ethical standards. This is a problem we all deal with in the military, especially as we progress up through the ranks. As employees of the U.S. government, we have a
  • Five years ago ... An Airman's account of a nation's crisis

    Five years ago, my friends and I woke up in a stupor - eyes crusty, heads pounding - grasping for the nearest potable liquid to quench our dehydration from the prior night's festivities. Five years ago, the crisp, early morning Texas air compelled us to turn the TV on to gauge the day's forecast. Five years ago, the terror in innocent people's
  • You are the future - lead the future

    There are defining moments in life that impact you, and the lives of those who are fortunate, or perhaps unfortunate, to be around you when you decide to choose wisely or unwisely. I am talking to you, current and future first-line supervisors, who are, or will be, charged with leading our most valuable resource by far - our Airmen. Let me be
  • Are we the best leaders we can be

    Many of us struggle with the question "are we the best supervisor and/or leader we can be?" After all, we have a tremendous responsibility to train those who will take our place and to maintain our status as the greatest military on the planet. I've thought about leadership many times in my nearly 28 years of service and there are a few things I
  • Think abou the positive aspects in life

    How many times have you walked down a hall and overheard somebody say, "I hate this place," or "This place stinks," or some other phrase expressing their dislike for their current assignment? Maybe you have expressed this type of sentiment yourself. It's perfectly normal for everyone at one time or another to have these feelings, and even to
  • Serving in the Air Force 8th SWS style

    Did you know that a large percentage of the 460th Space Wing's operational mission is conducted by Guardsmen and Reservists? Air Force Space Command's newest wing, the 460th SW was designed out of the Total Force approach from the ground-up. This construct makes the 460th SW unique among other AFSPC wings due to its designed concept of operations
  • Customs, courtesy reminders in the Information Age

    Have you ever told your supervisor that you challenge his or her integrity and refuse to comply when they give you a direct order? How about skipping echelon management when you hit a brick wall -- you immediately escalate the issue four rungs up the chain? Neither example is acceptable. Both circumvent time-proven established business