Don't brain dump before the ORI

  • Published
  • By Maj. Angela Stickels
  • 460th Space Wing Plans
Finally it's here. All the preparation, planning, sweat, tears and putting up with the annoyance of being locked in a building for four hours trying to figure out how to put plastic on the ceiling vents.

The Operational Readiness Inspection.

The Evil Empire.

It's finally here.

Does this mean I can relax? No!

It means it's time to shine. It means it's time to show the Air Force Space Command Inspector General team how it's done in this command. It's time to prove to everyone on the Front Range and on the coasts, that Buckley is where it's at.

Remember your training, to stay aware and that being on six-ring alert means being able to respond immediately when your unit needs you. It's only for a week -- my mother could handle this for a week.

Remember Self Aid Buddy Care, to be ready to be deployed and that being polite to the IG team doesn't annoy them and cause them to look harder for the minor mistakes -- like a football referee.

Remember to stay serious, to have fun and that whoopee cushions and fake vomit are cool, but not during inspections.

Remember to look out for each other. The Wingman program isn't just there for looks.

Remember that you are the lifeblood of America. You stand for what's great in this country. Don't let the IG team try to take that away from you.

On behalf of all of the 460th Space Wing Exercise Evaluation Team, I would like to thank all of Buckley for the patience that was shown the past nine months. For those who weren't patient, my apologies. We didn't do it to annoy you -- we did it to improve this wing. Mission accomplished.

Go Panthers!