Artist’s rendering of WGS-11+


  • Civilian Guardians: vital assets for DEL 4 mission

    The space operators at Space Delta 4 hold many faces, backgrounds, and mission sets. Take a look at Robert Breland, DEL 4 technical director, and you’ll find that sometimes the most vital support isn’t in uniform.

  • 6 SWS wind turbines propel environmental, efficiency standards

    With the rising energy requirements across the U.S. Space Force, Space Delta 4 team members are constantly developing and implementing ways to efficiently save money and create a self-sustaining power source.The 6th Space Warning Squadron at Cape Cod Space Force Station, Massachusetts, is one of the

  • Coding the future: DEL 4 members selected for Supra Coders course

    The United States Space Force’s cyber Guardians are trained in more than just their original Air Force Specialty Codes. These warriors are leading the forefront in the cyber warfare domain as they are trained to develop software and code.Out of 400 people, 25 members were selected to attend the

  • Air Force Connect App consolidates, centralizes resources

    Remember the time when your math teacher said you would never have a calculator handy all the time? We had to learn how to solve problems for ourselves. Fast-forward to now: We still learn the basics, but now we have access to so many tools to expediently acquire the answer. The most common being