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  • Can your fitness level handle the mission?

    There are four dimensions of human wellness: physical, spiritual, emotional and social. These four "tie-downs for riding out a storm" are for every Airman and will inevitably be used once, or at various times while we serve. The tie-downs could refer us to the Heath and Wellness Center, to our Primary Care Manager, Life Skills, a Chaplain, a
  • Outgoing ADF-C commander highlights facility's accomplishments from his tenure

    It is with a great sense of pride, satisfaction and sincere humility that I bid farewell to The Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado and to Buckley. It has been my privilege to serve as the ADF-C commander for nearly two years and the accomplishments during this time have been absolutely incredible; they are a hallmark of the dedication to the mission
  • Pointing out excellence in our core values

    Fourteen years ago last month, in May 1995, then-Secretary of the Air Force Sheila Widnall, and then-Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Ronald Fogleman, established the Air Force Core Values: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do. The year before, the Air Force experienced several tragic events that, after extensive
  • Safety reminders -- do they work?

    Every year around this time, we begin to see the articles and hear the reminders about "being safe." The 101 Critical Days of Summer are upon us and will officially begin with Memorial Day weekend and culminate Labor Day weekend. Reminders, reminders; once again you might ask, "What will be different about this year?" Do the constant reminders and
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer creeping up

    The 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign starts May 22 with the first holiday weekend of the summer, Memorial Day. As most of you know, the summer months from Memorial Day through Labor Day present higher than normal risks for off-duty mishaps. It's also a time when we experience fatalities at a much higher rate than other times of the year. This
  • Summer safety

    Colorado is full of beautiful mountains, lakes, trails and many other scenic attractions. With great weather upon us there will be plenty of barbecues, boating trips, camping trips, pool parties and many other recreational activities for us to enjoy, and opportunities to travel highways to visit friends and relatives in other states. In all of
  • 566th IS' role as Airmen

    As Airmen in a joint and combined work center, the 566th Intelligence Squadron members of Team Buckley often face situations that are unusual to an Air Force-only environment. We often find ourselves working with and for members of the other services and national agency civilians. However, as unique as these challenges are, our calling as Airmen is
  • Making a difference

    President Ronald Reagan once said, "Some people spend their entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem." When I was younger I always toyed with the thought of joining the military. On Sept. 11, upon returning home from school I turned on the news and all I saw were people all around the world cheering
  • Building character

    The debate of nature versus nurture continues to rage as to whether or not an individual is born with specific behavioral traits or learns them from personal experiences. As a father of four, I am more convinced that nature has a guiding role over whom each of us are, starting from our development inside our mother's womb. However, the guidance we
  • It's not about you anymore, or is it?

    When I was promoted to chief master sergeant, my command chief told me it wasn't about me anymore. And, in being a chief master sergeant, he was right on the mark. It is all about our Airmen. And mentoring is all about our Airmen, too. But, in the case of being a mentor, is it all about me? A mentor, as defined in AFI 36-3401, is "a trusted