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  • Actions speak louder than words

    In June 2012 my mother and I took my 3-year-old daughter for her immunizations. Following the shots, we were walking to the car and I was admiring the beautiful sunny day. Around that time I heard retreat sound and I stopped to render the appropriate courtesies.As I stood there at parade rest, I heard my mother asking Amelia why she had stopped. 
  • Be aware of scams targeting military members

    Retired and active duty military members are frequently targeted by scammers.  Listed below are several ways in which scammers will try and target you and how you can avoid falling into their trap.Internet Scams Using Social NetworksScammers will create fake social network accounts on websites like Facebook or Twitter using a real military member's
  • Environmental Awareness vs. Training

    There has been a bit of confusion as of late as to what we are required to know here at Buckley Air Force Base in regards to protecting the environment. Who helps us learn how to perform this responsibility? What is the difference between awareness and training?Awareness is having knowledge or perception of a fact.  Training is organized
  • Find an escape

    Over this past month, two very simple concepts have been reemphasized to me as a commander and as a worker bee in the Air Force. I want to share these two simple concepts with you as their value is so very important to maintaining happy, healthy Airmen.After almost a month of filling in for my boss and still doing my own job at the same time, I
  • Everyone can be great

    A few weeks ago, a football player for the Dallas Cowboys was asked what he'd like from the playoff game home crowd. The player, J.J. Wilcox, responded, "Just be great."For some reason, that phrase stuck in my mind, and it continued to nag me. Then, I realized why. One of my foundational beliefs is that every person can be great at something. This
  • Constant leadership improvement worthy pursuit

    While I enjoy reading about leaders and what made them successful, writing about leadership and what can make someone else successful is a different thing entirely.The debate of whether leaders are born or made has always fascinated me. I have never met a good leader who thought they came by it naturally; they always defer to their own past
  • Are leaders born or made?

    Are leaders born or made?  This topic is often debated in leadership classes.  Perhaps you could read about famous leaders to understand what made them great.  Books on Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy should help answer this question, right? Not necessarily. Each of us, at some point in our military careers, has
  • Framily gets it, keeps me together

    A little background: This is my fourth assignment in eight years. The last two assignments were overseas, coupled with deployment and temporary duties across Western and Eastern Europe. After nearly four years overseas, I was ready to step foot on American soil, but the transition back to America and my home state has been surprisingly rough.I
  • The Air Force issued me my 'kids'

    While I've decided to live the child-free lifestyle, the Air Force, in its infinite wisdom, saw the need to issue me two kids. They are both straight out of technical training and brand new to the Air Force, and one is still too young to accept an adult drink.Let's be honest: As children do, they totally cut into my "me time."In all seriousness,
  • Who’s in charge here? ‘I think I’m in charge here’

    Have you ever had to lead a meeting? Do you think you could?  Well, guess what. As you grow in rank, you grow in responsibility. Many of you will find yourself at the head of a table, or running a meeting sooner than you expected. Most Air Force structures have few people at the top echelons.  With all that we do today in the Air Force, many times