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  • AFSPC activates 24th Air Force

    Today is a historic day for Air Force Space Command. After months of discussion, direction and dedicated work by hundreds throughout the command, 24th Air Force at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, has officially been activated. Our command team has developed an extensive blueprint outlining the first 100 days for 24 AF. This blueprint is our guide
  • Parsing the Airman’s Creed

    Two years have passed since Gen. T. Michael Moseley, Chief of Staff of the Air Force in 2007, introduced the Airman's Creed. Airmen throughout the Air Force have committed the creed to memory and we've all recited the Airmen's Creed countless times in the past two years. Each time I recite the creed the words deepen in their meaning and clearly
  • Step by Step

    See if this sounds familiar. You visit a recruiter or other career advisor about joining the military. He or she paints a terrific picture of all the benefits that await you--education, plum job, etc. Then you enter Basic Military Training or Officer Training School, then on to tech school and maybe your first base. Somewhere along the line the
  • Oh say, can you see?

    My neighbor across the street and I don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. He's a retired Army senior NCO; I'm a young active-duty Airman. He spends two hours each day perfecting his garden; my wife and I have someone cut the lawn every two weeks. He has lights on outside all night; I prefer to, well, sleep. But yesterday, he and I agreed on
  • On integrity

    Why do the Air Force's Core Values begin with "Integrity First?" As former Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Eric Benken said, "Integrity is the essential element or the foundation on which other values are built. Integrity means being honest with others as well as with yourself. It means doing what's right at all times. Integrity remains the very
  • Warrior Ethos and the United States Air Force

    It is no secret the Air Force has been the butt of many jokes for years. I haven't been on active duty very long, but I certainly have heard more than my fair share. Even friends at home, who have never served in the military, can't resist taking a shot here and there. Sure, I have laughed at them, but deep down, it is something I'm not all that
  • You're accountable!

    Your unit deployment manager informs you that you've been tasked to deploy. At your initial deployment briefing you are provided a checklist that covers out-processing requirements and specific reporting instructions. The Air Force has provided you guidance on everything from creating a will with the base legal office, to the timeline for picking
  • Warrior Ethos

    How fitting it is that the final month's theme for the Year of Leadership is Warrior Ethos. Especially fitting insomuch that the themes from the previous eleven months provided the foundational ethos we all live our lives by. You may recall previous months included back to basics focused on heritage, discipline, core values, training and education,
  • T.G.I.M., the new perspective on Mondays

    How many times has Monday come around and you wished the weekend was just a little longer? Contrast that with Friday when you are relieved the week has come to a close and the weekend is about to begin. The enthusiasm so often associated with Friday and the start of the weekend is usually met with anticipation and excitement. Compare this with the
  • The honor of service

    In 1961 President John F. Kennedy said "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." This inspired a wave of volunteerism in the 1960s. Today, those concepts of service were echoed by President Barack Obama who called on citizens to serve the nation in the military or public sector. This call to service is no