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  • Winter Storm Preparedness

    Whether stationed in Denver for a short time or if you’re a life-long resident of Colorado, you probably knew that Buckley Space Force Base is prone to winter storms.
  • Juneteenth: A celebration of one of America’s greatest triumphs

    Signed into law as a federal holiday in 2021, Juneteenth, sometimes referred to as Emancipation Day, has a long tradition as a cultural holiday amongst black Americans. The holiday officially commemorates the occasion of the last American slaves being set free in 1865 in Texas, following the Civil War. I grew up knowing about Juneteenth even though I have no family ties to Texas; the day had a status in my family as one worth remembering. The abolition of slavery is one of the greatest triumphs in American history and laid the foundation for the multi-cultural democracy that we enjoy today. I feel a great sense of gratitude for the opportunities I’ve had as an American citizen, enhanced even more by my experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, seeing the people their struggling to maintain freedom, peace, and stability for their countries. Even though there are an estimated 27 million people still living in slavery today[1], it is important to not overlook the achievement of abolition in our own country.
  • Finding inspiration on the frontline

    The last two years have presented many unique and unforeseen challenges for the 460th Medical Group. The early days of COVID were uncertain for everyone, with little information on this new virus that was sweeping across the country with unimaginable lethality. For the Medical Group, COVID quickly became an invisible enemy we couldn’t predict but were called to grapple with. Every day presented new challenges—for our technicians and providers, as the frontline staff in the clinics; for our Pharmacy, who rapidly developed a drive-through curbside operation for dispensing medications to our over 40,000 local veterans and 7,500 beneficiaries; and for our logistics team, who were charged with acquiring much-needed personal protective equipment when supplies were scarce and supply-chain breakdown was at its worst. As we learned more about the virus, we shifted our operations accordingly, always maintaining safety as our number one priority. With increased precautions both on the installation and outside it, we had hoped to see a decline in numbers—some sort of steady reassurance that things would eventually return to normal. However, we continue to feel the effects of COVID on Buckley and the reality is that operations for the MDG have likely changed forever.
  • Det 4, 71 ISRS lights the path

    On Sept.11, 2020, the Detachment 4, 71st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron was activated. The initial vision of Det 4’s leadership cadre was a team of empowered ISR professionals driving timely, tactical decisions and developing operators with contextual instruction and relevant, realistic training.
  • DEL 4/Det 1 insight on different leadership mantras

    Developing a leadership philosophy is easier than you think. Out of necessity to effectively communicate with our team, we find fun, exciting, and most importantly, relatable words that turn into a unit mantra for our organization. When looking back on my career, there are two people that influenced my leadership philosophy and they’re more than just buzz words to me. ‘Attitude’ and ‘Intent’ is the mantra that I’m charged with instilling in my team.
  • To See the World: Three Imperatives for Missile Warning Success

    In 2014, while serving as squadron commander, I wrote an article capturing elements of what constituted my leadership philosophy. In the article, I described the balance between taking care of the mission, unit personnel, and myself as the three pillars of sound leadership. These three elements have not changed over the years but they have – combined with changes in our strategic environment – prompted me to develop a Delta command approach motivated by three distinct imperatives: our oath as foundational to everything we do, our mission’s role in national security, and the development of space warfighters as key to operating in the new space environment.
  • Money makes the world go ‘round

    From the time of the Continental Army, the importance of a financial manager in the payment of entitlements has been widely known. On June 16, 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Continental Congress established the first Pay Master General, James Warren. Today, most members primarily correlate our responsibilities to the financial operations function regarding military and travel pay; however, our role reaches far beyond what members encounter at the customer service offices. The second function of the Financial Management community is to manage budget and accounting operations for the entire service. This process starts with the development of a 5-year Future Years Defense Program (FYDP) that is codified by the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act signed into law each year by the President. This law reaches every aspect of our day-to-day lives from home station operations in garrison to supporting overseas contingency operations around the globe.
  • BSFB develops seamless integration, enhances culture

    I am proud to represent the United States Space Force as the Buckley Space Force Base commander.
  • The literal cost of leadership

    Many years ago, a mentor of mine relayed a story about one of the founding fathers of the U.S. Air Force, retired Gen. Benjamin Foulois. He explained that Foulois was assigned to the Signal Corps in the early 1900s and was part of the initial cadre to fly dirigibles for the U.S. Army. In parallel, the Wright Brothers were making improvements to their heavier-than-air flying machine which started to catch attention of military brass. Foulois’ experience with dirigibles and his vision of what the Wright Flyer could deliver in future warfare led him to write a thesis on airpower while at Professional Military Education. Because of that vision, he was selected to lead acceptance testing of the aircraft and then charged with learning how to fly this machine and make it practical for military action.
  • My thoughts on Black History Month

    When it comes to Black History Month, I suppose that I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I love that we are taking time as a nation to celebrate the contributions and historical impact of Black people. Amazingly, during this month, people learn about all the great Black figures who helped shape the world we live in. As a child, I always loved reciting speeches written by Dr. Martin Luther King, Sojourner Truth, and other great Black Americans. I reveled in the fact that some of my favorite things were invented by people who looked like me.