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  • AtHoc requirements for base members

    Commander's Action Line - AtHoc requirements for base membersConcern:The Phone Calls Have Got to STOP!I am a retired Air Force officer working at the ADF-C and for the past two days have been inundated with YOUR automated calls telling me about YOUR exercise. I do not understand why I am on your call list but would like to know how to get removed.
  • Airmen in dormitories recieving BAS II

    Commander's Action Line - Airmen in dormitories recieving BAS IIConcern:Good morning,I'm trying to find out the status of BAS II for Buckley Dorm Residents. The Air Force has long held the authority to provide BASII to dorm residents at locations that do not have an APF Dining Facility and there are a number of bases that either have BASII during
  • Air Force Ball 2016

    The 2016 Air Force Ball is on Sept. 16, with doors opening at 6 p.m. at the Leadership Development Center on Buckley Air Force Base.The event is unique this year with Lt. Col. James Harvey Jr., a Tuskegee Airman, as its guest speaker. Also, there are some updates to this Air Force Ball in comparison to previous year's events:-Female military
  • AAFES Gas Limit

    Question:Why are gas purchases at the base gas station now limited to 24 gallons? Apparently when you hit the 24 gallon point the pump just shuts off. The gas station clerk said it was a safety issue, but couldn't explain further. Also, since you can just swipe your card right away again, the "policy" really isn't anything more than a hindrance.