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  • Space Delta 4 - Missile Warning

    Space Delta 4 (DEL 4) operates and supports three constellations of Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) satellites and two types of Ground-Based Radars (GBRs) for the purpose of conducting strategic and theater missile warning. Additionally, DEL 4 provides tipping and cueing to missile defense forces, battlespace awareness to Combatant Commanders
  • Smoking Regulations at Temporary Lodging Facilities

    Subject: Smoking Regulations at Temporary Lodging FacilitiesConcern: I just got off the phone with the TLF front desk who informed me that the only rule pertaining to smoking is that they are fifty feet from a door. In this particular case they set up their fold out chairs blocked the sidewalk used for guests to access their rooms and cars and load
  • Space Based Infrared System

    MissionThe SBIRS program is the follow-on capability to the highly successful Defense Support Program (DSP).  The SBIRS program was designed to provide a seamless operational transition from DSP to the Nation's next-generation Overhead Persistent Infrared sensors to  meet jointly defined requirements of the defense and intelligence communities in