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  • Pedestrian safety in Base Housing crosswalks

    Issue: Pedestrian safety in Base Housing crosswalks.Concern:Can we get something out to ensure people still stop at the stop sign leaving housing? Since the road closed going left from housing people are not stopping there and my family almost got hit AGAIN today in the cross walk, this time by a black 4 door mercury car. Traffic in and around
  • Privately Owned Firearms

    Team Buckley, here is an important reminder.At NO time may Privately Owned Firearms (POF) be loaded when kept in Buckley Family Housing, they must be handled with extreme care and always treated as if they are loaded.POFs must be registered before being stored in privatized family housing and residents must comply with any weapons restrictions
  • Pedestrian Gate Walking Path

    Subject: Pedestrian Gate Walking PathConcern: I am concerned about the walking path that I use from base housing to the pedestrian gate. Three months ago, the rocks were removed from the path  to prepare for it to be paved. Other than the rocks being removed, no progress has been made pave the path. Because of this, the path has been extremely
  • Praise for Buckley gate guard

    Remarks:It has been a long time since I was an active-duty major in the Air Force and I just want to take a moment to commend and thank a senior airman, sergeant in my day, who was on duty this past Saturday at the Aspen St Gate at 0835. This proud, sharp-dressed professional of your security forces, security police in my day, rendered me a sharp
  • Pharmacy hours

    QuestionBecause the pharmacy closes at 5 p.m., it is difficult for people who work in Denver to get to the pharmacy after work. It would be easier if they opened late one day a week and then stayed open late. For instance, if on Wednesday they opened at 8 a.m. and stayed open until 5:30 p.m. I spoke with the Airmen at the pharmacy and they said the